“Judith and Claudia are life savers. I cannot imagine how I would have survived early twin motherhood without their help. Judith was our night nurse and sleep consultant. When the babies were ready for their sleep training at about 4 months, she figured out last minute (the moment I texted her) how to put together a team (including herself) of night NCSes who would follow her instructions to help our babies sleep 12 hours a night. In less than a week, they were sleeping through the night. They are now 1 year old and they continue to sleep well and thrive. And so do I, thanks to them. Claudia was our day nanny. She and Judith worked together as a team to create a daytime sleep, meal, and activity schedule for our babies so that they would be healthy and happy. Both women are extraordinary NCSes — knowledgeable, dependable, warm, and caring. I learned so much from both of them, and my children absolutely adore them. They both became like members of our family and we are forever grateful for their guidance and help. What sets Judith apart above and beyond is her network of outstanding NCSes and nannies. Whenever we needed help, all I had to do was text Judith and she would send someone extraordinary to care for our babies. Truly — one caretaker was better than the next. I always knew that I could depend on them — that if a caretaker was unable to make it, someone excellent would be found to cover for them. As a twin mom, this is gold. Having found Judith and Claudia after four months of working with other doulas and NCSes, I can extra appreciate how top-notch they are. I recommend Care to Love, and Judith and Claudia’s services, wholeheartedly and enthusiastically.”
Abi Bash – Client

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